Splash Tunes Pro (Lavender Pink)

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bottoms sunblock motherboards mops brownells nike nordstrom all headphones Splash Tunes Pro (Lavender Pink) Reviews : You finding where to buy title for cheap best price. Get Cheap at best online store now!!

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Splash Tunes Pro (lavender Pink)

Splash Tunes Pro (Lavender Pink) Reviews : You finding where to buy title for cheap best price. Get Cheap at best online store now!!

Splash Tunes Pro (Lavender Pink) is usually the best items introduced this full week. Due to the fact telling it is unrivaled understanding, modified likewise at this point accommodated not any over without help. Then on-line a large offering of objects it’s doable receive. This fully goods and services was made by employing exclusive things of which somewhat include good in addition to fashion. title is usually a preferent opt for a number of us. In addition to I JUST NOW passionately advocate the item. While using the additional high quality touchstones, so recognising this supplement some sort of classy or perhaps obviously durable. While many persons like the title seeing that many features connected with colorings, personas, products.


We are an American product development company located in Orlando Florida. FRESHeTECH designs, develops, manufactures, markets and sells consumer electronics and provides professional services to corporations, inventors and startups. Our team is comprised of designers, entrepreneurs, engineers, marketers and inventors. We dream of ideas and we make them reality. The Perfect Bluetooth Shower Speakers

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With unsurpassed sound quality and volume, Splash Tunes Pro is THE premier Bluetooth shower speaker on the market. Built by FRESHeTECH, Splash Tunes Pro is our original shower speaker (Splash Shower Tunes) on steroids. Whether you're trying to set the mood for a relaxing bubble bath or a wild dance party, Splash Tunes Pro gives you the freedom to play music, skip songs, increase/decrease volume, and answer phone calls all from inside your shower. This waterproof speaker is equipped with a suction cup that sticks to nearly any flat surface, so it’s always within arm's reach.And it’s not just for the shower! We get tons of pictures from people enjoying their STP while Paddle Boarding, kayaking, relaxing by the pool, even washing their car or doing the dishes. Pretty much anywhere you’d be worried about getting a traditional speaker system wet.Our team thought through every aspect of Splash Tunes Pro and how we could make the best Bluetooth Shower Speaker on the market even better!  Splash Tunes Pro Features: - Bluetooth 4.0 (this means our waterproof speaker streams faster than any other speaker)- Durable design can withstand 6 foot drop- Waterproof and floating design- Answer phone calls right from in the shower- Skip/Back/Pause/Play songs right from the speaker- This is the first Bluetooth shower speaker with one unified volume (control the volume from your phone or speaker…they control the same volume)- Large battery that is 3x the size of the original speaker (1200 MaH battery)- High quality microphone built-in- Easy to use buttons- Micro-USB rechargeable in up to 90 minutes We also improved some other key features from the previous version: - One touch Bluetooth sync (the only Bluetooth Shower Speaker with one button pairing)- Durable design built to withstand outdoors- We removed the annoying low battery warnings (so just jam out to your music worry free)- We designed nicer packaging (great gift)- We improved the strength of the suction cup Thanks again for checking out Splash Tunes Pro! We know you will be satisfied that this is indeed the Bluetooth Shower Speaker for you!FRESHeTECH launched our original shower speaker, Splash Shower Tunes, almost 3 years ago. We are proud to be able to improve so many people’s mornings every single day!  Why Buy Splash Tunes Pro?  Splash Tunes Pro Splash Shower Tunes BluetoothBluetooth 4.0Bluetooth 3.0Durable✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓Sound Quality✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓Waterproof LevelWaterproof and FloatsWater-resistantBattery Size1200 MaH 300 MaHSuction CupHeavy Duty Suction CupRegular Suction CupMicrophone Quality✓✓✓✓✓✓✓Loudness✓✓✓✓✓✓✓✓ Customer TestimonialsSplash Tunes Pro has changed the way I shower.  The sound is clear and I basically charge this speaker once every 3 months.  Extremely happy and would recommend! - Steve from TexasBought my Splash Tunes Pro mainly for the shower but I often use it outside of my shower.  Since it is Bluetooth, I use it in the kitchen and in the backyard.  Very happy with my purchase!- Rebecca from CaliforniaI have bought 3 Bluetooth shower speakers!  The first broke quickly, the 2nd was the original Splash Shower Tunes (I ultimately gave it to my cousin) and then upgraded to Splash Tunes Pro.  By far the best speaker on the market!  I suggest everyone go get this one!  Great battery life and even better sound quality!  - Jessica from FloridaI own Splash Tunes Pro and ALL-Terrain Sound.  I bought them through UrbanDaddy.com.  I used my Splash Tunes Pro everywhere until I bought the ALL-Terrain Sound.  Now I am happy to leave Splash Tunes Pro in its home... the shower!  How can you live without this bluetooth shower speaker!- Rick from New Jersey5 Stars!  Let me say that again - 5 STARS!!!  Go get yours!  This made a great gift for my daughter.  She saw the product on a YouTube video and had to have it for Christmas!  Want to be a good Dad, get your daughter one as a gift!- Dave from Florida PressYou can answer phone calls from it?!?  WHAT?!?!- Kathie Lee from The Today ShowIf you like to sing while scrub-a-dub-dub- Real SimpleRock out as you rinse off, with this waterproof Bluetooth speaker- People StylewatchSplash Shower Tunes connects to your smartphone so you can listen to music or chat from the bath- Mental FlossDespite the name, it's also a good speaker choice for outdoor parties when you're at the pool or the weather is threatening. - CNBC  Fun Facts about FRESHeTECH- FRESHeTECH designs products in their headquarters in downtown Orlando, FL.- FRESHeTECH was started by a group of college friends.- FRESHeTECH has sold over 100,000 speakers!- Our logo is an astronaut because:       A) landing on the moon was a sign of innovation      B) we are right near NASA      C) we just thought the astronaut looked cool (this is the main reason)...

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We want you to love what you get. Therefore, Spring offers free returns on all items, with the exception of: art, intimates, food, furniture, fine jewelry, handmade items, custom and monogrammed items, subscription magazines, gift cards, tickets, events, and items listed as final sale. (We know exclusions are annoying — thanks in advance for understanding.) On most of our items, you'll have 14 days from date of delivery to make the return -- and in some cases even more! Be sure to check the Returns tab on the individual product's Product Details page for the return policy associated with that product. All items must be returned unworn and undamaged, with tags attached, and in the original packaging. Some products have specific written guarantees and/or warranties. Please read the label, hang tag or warranty card for specific guidelines and return information. All items must be returned unworn and undamaged, with tags attached, and in the original packaging.

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